Letyshops Review
Letyshops.com cashback service review

Name: Letyshops.com

Description: Letyshops was developed as a service that allows people to save money when shopping at online stores. The main service they offer is cashback that can be applied year round in hundreds of stores.

  • Cashback value
  • Missing cashback
  • Withdrawal period


A full launch of the service took place in Spring 2014. Almost immediately, Letyshops merged its technology with the item aggregator shopkasta.ru (operational since 2012), which allows our satisfied customers to access 1 000 000 items with cashback from 2089 stores.


A lot of conected stores Fast support service  


Do not display on Paypal or on the card Low cashback rate Often lost cashback Frequent promotional mailings  

Comments Rating 4 (2 reviews)


How not to miss cashback on Letyshops?

You can lose cashback for many reasons.
It may happen that you bought it from your link but the cashback did not count. To avoid this, do the following:
1. Disable add-ons in your browser that you do not trust. These extensions can stole your cashback.
2. Try not to go to this site from other sites after you click from Letyshops. If this happens, go back to Letyshops and once again click on your link “Shop Now”.

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2 Reviews

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