Rakuten.com (ex. Ebates)

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Rakuten cashback review

Name: Rakuten

Description: Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending Rakuten's users to their websites, and they share it with you. But there are a few points that we will consider in this review.

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  • Cashback value
  • Missing cashback
  • Withdrawal period


Previously, Rakuten was called Ebates.

Rakuten is one of the world’s leading internet service companies, with businesses that span e-commerce, travel, banking, marketing and media. Founded in 1997, Rakuten is headquartered in Tokyo and employs over 10,000 people worldwide. The word “rakuten” means “optimism” in Japanese.


  • The largest database of connected stores
  • Payout for PayPal
  • The minimum withdrawal is $5


  • The amount of cashback is not the biggest
  • Withdrawal 1 time per 3 month (Really!)
Comments Rating 4.2 (5 reviews)


Time needed: 5 minutes

How to register Rakuten cashback

  1. Open this link and click “Join Now”

    Rakuten cashback review

  2. Enter your Email and 8+ characters password

  3. Find your store by searching. For example “Amazon”

    Rakuten search Amazon

  4. And just click “Shop now”. Now you redirected on Amazon and now you can order goods with cashback.

  5. How not to miss cashback

    It is very important not to lose cashback. What to do for this, read below.

Rakuten missing cashback

How not to miss cashback?

You can lose cashback for many reasons.
It may happen that you bought it from your link but the cashback did not count. To avoid this, do the following:
1. Disable add-ons in your browser that you do not trust. These extensions can stole your cashback.
2. Try not to go to this site from other sites after you have switched from Rakuten. If this happens, go back to Rakuten and once again click on your link “Shop Now”.

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